About Us

About WORLDMAX TV PTY LTD (ABN: 52 601 907 322 )

Worldmax TV is a technology and services company based in Sydney, Australia formed in Jan 2015. We deliver live and On-Demand content to viewers via our proprietary set-top box (STB) based on Android TV. We are on our 4th generayion set top box which incorporates 5G wifi.

We aggregate content from internet and clasify them based on languguge relavancy and make it avilable with better ui and search functions. Users enjoy our box as they can quickly find and watch relevant content for them. Our customers continue to upgrade to our new set top box like they upgrade their phone as it provides better speed, better resoluton and memeory.

Our cutomers are diaspora from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan who crave content from their homeland.